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yOur Services is truly unique. In collaboration with our partners, we have developed a 2nd generation services platform that can accept cash, pay for services, recognise faces and offer secure access to privacy-sensitive services like bank affairs and registered mail. We facilitate customer convenience and cost-efficient service solutions.

Luc Pennings
Luc PenningsCEO
A serial entrepreneur who has successfully led various companies. Luc is focused on yOur’s strategy and operational execution.
J.C. den Ouden
J.C. den OudenCBDO & Acting CTO
Jan Cornelius (J.C.) is a FinTech expert, co-founder of ServiceCorner B.V., the parent company of yOur B.V. and has spent most of his professional life as an executive of a number of global systems integrators, largely focused on integrated complex banking systems and solutions.
Auke van den Hoek
Auke van den HoekNon-Executive Board Member
Auke is a serial entrepreneur and co-founder of ServiceCorner B.V., the parent company of yOur. Auke is a man with a vision, and responsible for directing Our strategy.

Global Challenge, Local Opportunity

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