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Malfunction pay terminal parking garages Middelburg, ‘but nobody has cash because of corona’

Due to a malfunction of the pay terminal at the parking garages in Middelburg, payments can only be done with cash since yesterday. Many users try to pay with bills, but this also regularly causes problems because not all notes are accepted. According to the municipality, the problem will be solved tomorrow morning. 

How should I pay? “, a Dutch family asks desperately in front of the machine. Because they cannot pay at the pay terminal, they have withdrawn the minimum amount of twenty euros at the bank, but it is not accepted by the parking machine. The machine only accepts five and ten euros bills.
Users have to take care of small money themselves.

No refunds either
The visitors who do pay with cash regularly do not get a refund because the coins in the machines have run out. A couple from Twente paid with a ten euro note, but could whistle for her change. And that while they actually only have to pay 1.80 Euro.
After pressing the help button, they are told that they can collect the remaining money from an office on the Kousteensedijk. The couple declines the offer because they have no idea where to find it. “I’ll take my loss.” According to the municipality, the machines have now been refilled.

Response from the Municipality of Middelburg
The municipality of Middelburg says it is very annoying, but paying with cash remains today. However, visitors who really cannot pay are allowed to leave the parking garages for free. If the malfunction is not resolved tomorrow, the municipality will check whether everyone can park for free.