yOur benefits

  • Rise in number of shoppers
  • Increased customer spending
  • A surge in the number of impulse purchases
  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Increased reoccurring customer visits
  • A fee for every service sale and usage
  • Entrepreneurs in your direct environment will be able to make deposits on your premises, against payment

Global Challenge, Local Opportunity

All over the world, we are experiencing the impoverishment of service offerings in rural areas. Residents are forced to travel longer distances for commodity services like for instance, withdraw cash or collect their mail. This is happening while the demand for services is steadily growing. The disappearance of bank offices makes it more relevant for people to be able to deposit money independent of banks — something that’s currently not an option.
What is your guiding philosophy that makes you who you are or the overall principles that guide your team? Add a photo or two! Putting your face to your story allows your readers to connect to you. And here’s a little tip from the pros – write in the first person so your readers can relate to you on a more personal level.

yOur Services allows you to respond to this demand early on. By offering extra services via this concept, you can increase your attractiveness to your audience.

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